"Emma was like, “But how did this lady end up in a vase in your basement?” and Rumple was like, “IDK” and to prove he wasn’t lying he was like, “Belle, compel me to tell the truth about how Elsa got in that urn with the dagger,” and Belle was like, “OMG NO that’s unnecessary honey please no,” but then she whipped out that dagger and got REALLY into this big Command to the Dark One that seemed vaguely Wiccan? Basically I get the sense that Belle maybe finds the occult a little spicy and Rumple being the Dark One kind of hot and mmmmaybe once in a while Belle asks Rumple to leave his crushed velvet cape on when he goes to bed wink wink."

TV.com review of “Rocky Road” (via bluehairbelle)

I’m obsessed with this show. For god sakes I’m addicted!!!!!

(via bluehairbelle)